When it comes to the benefits of swim lessons, attending class consistently once a week year round will lead to mastery of skills and faster progression than starting and stopping swim lessons seasonally.

Benefits of Year Round Swim School

One benefit of taking lessons at a swim school is that it teaches students to interact with others their age and lets them see the skill set of other students. When students see someone else accomplish a swimming skill they will be more likely to complete the same skill on their own.

Another benefit of year round swim schools is receiving public recognition in front of peers and family through advancement in the swim program. The reason ribbons and awards are an important part of swimming is for the students to have something to reflect back on when they are home to remind them of their accomplishments.

Most families put their children in summer camps where swim lessons are taught but at the end of the summer do not continue swimming. Not only does this create a bad habit, but also the children lose their swimming skills and will have to relearn them the next year. If a student is enrolled in swim lessons for one season each year, they will advance only in that period of time. Educated swimming can mean the difference for saving a life which is why year round swim schools are more effective than summer camp programs.

The best benefit to year round swim lessons is being able to give you the parent peace of mind. The next time your child is in a swimming pool, knowing they are being taught proper technique will ease you more around any pool your children swim in.

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