At AQUA, we enjoy teaching swimming lessons, but we also enjoy educating our parents about swimming and why taking lessons are important to the development of your child(ren). One of our members recently asked us, “what is the most important thing my child will learn in the pool?” This question really got us thinking. An important thing to remember with swimming lessons is that children will develop at their own pace, this cannot be rushed.
Over the course of your time in our program your child will learn many new skills and acquire new abilities as you progress through AQUA’s curriculum and work with AQUA Coaches. Below are our top five things learned while in our program:
·      SELF-RESCUE SKILLS – We always recommend swimming under supervision. However, if a swimmer finds themselves alone in the water, swimmers are taught progressively how to be buoyant in the water, kick to propel themselves and move to safety while breathing and moving their arms.
·      CAUSE AND EFFECT OF WATER – A philosophy of AQUA is teach the joy and perils of water. We teach swimmers how to safely have fun in the water, but also make sure not to save them from the consequences of water.  The reason this is important because children are not shielded from the realities of what could happen if they go into a body of water on their own.
·      CONFIDENCE – Nothing beats the smile of a swimmer who is able to master a new skill!
·      FAILURE – Not all skills are mastered right away and that is ok! Swimmers are encouraged to keep giving their best attempt and keep trying!
·      FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCKS – AQUA believes in having a solid foundation for a variety of swim strokes. We start with getting comfortable in the water and progressing to being able to swim across the pool. Our classes reinforce items covered in previous classes, while learning new skills as well!
All of our lessons are built to assist in the development of kids learning to swim, but at AQUA, we focus on teaching each individual swimmer grow and excel. These are the things that set us apart from other swim schools and that make our swimmers into swimmers who are confident in their abilities that know how to be safer around water.