There are a lot of things to look for in a Swim Club; Community, Practices, and Staff are most common. I came to Aqua Swim Club because they value all these things. They consistently foster a strong sense of community and family amongst their facilities, Practices are always evolving to best enable the athletes to grow, and the Staff are some of the most passionate in the sport.

The most important benefit of joining a Swim Club, is the camaraderie of having teammates that keep the atmosphere fun and supportive.  They see each other through thick and thin. Race against and with each other so that they can all achieve their goals. Sometimes its small things like cracking a joke to lighten the mood of a challenging practice, or busting out dance moves at their team section during a meet. At other moments, it’s helping each other with homework in the locker room or pacing their friends during practice. If they’re really lucky, it’ll be during one of our engaging teamwork challenges that require everyone to work together to succeed. I’ve seen all of these things happen in my time with Aqua Swim Club. It’s what makes our kids the best.

Practices are the least fun part, but just as important to the successful program here at Aqua Swim Club. They’re designed to help the athletes develop mentally and physically. We try to keep the kids’ brains engaged as opposed to swimming mindless laps. They’ll learn how to pace themselves, when to race and when to hold back. We use drills that will give the swimmers the most efficient stroke. Technique work is the biggest key to success with young swimmers. That’s where the Aqua Swim School side comes in handy. Our partnership with that piece of the program gives the coaches time to work one-on-one with swimmers excited to reach their next level. “We swim smarter, not harder.” I fully believe a swimmer with great technique can go farther than one with poor technique, and so does Aqua.

Which brings me to their Staff. As mentioned, they are some of the most passionate coaches around. Each of our Coaches are decked out in orange and blue. When they aren’t working on technique or conditioning, they’re cheering their voices hoarse at a swim meet. That becomes a little difficult when there’s a second or third day of the meet, but they keep going regardless. True to the philosophy of the program, they’re teachers of the sport. They have little hesitation when it comes to providing instant feedback during practice, or pulling a swimmer out of the water to properly demonstrate how their arm should move or their head should be positioned.

Aqua Swim Club has all the tools for a successful program. Their approach to the sport puts the swimmers first. We hope to inspire each swimmer to achieve their goals no matter how lofty they may seem in the moment. The athletes and parents in our Aqua Family are the most friendly and supportive people you can find. Practices are engaging, innovative, and develop the athletes both physically and mentally. With the help of our passionate coaching staff, we believe every swimmer is capable of greatness. Whether you’re new to the sport, looking for a change in philosophy, or just moved to town, come join the team; we’ll keep a lane open for you.