My Child Loves Swimming, What is Available After Lessons?

Preparing for Competitive Swimming

We often see our swimmers in our upper levels love swimming! Often, we are asked the question, what is next? Is there anything available after swimming lessons? The answer is yes, competitive swimming is available after your swimmer is close to moving out of lessons.

Below are some key things get your swimmer ready for the next level:

  • Learning to Swim – This is the most important step to becoming a competitive swimmer. Teaching your swimmer proper stroke mechanics and other key skills will have a profound impact when they are ready to move to the next level.
  • Practice Makes Better – Consistently practicing skills will assist in the development of strokes and keep your skills sharp!
  • Join AQUA’s Pre Team – AQUA Club has a Pre Team swim level that is designed for swimmers who are coming out of swimming lessons. This level will help transition your swimmer into a swim team setting and practice structure!
  • Always have fun! – AQUA believes in staying engaged while being in lessons or a team! Our dedicated staff makes engaging with your swimmer one of our highest priorities. No matter your future goals, AQUA believes in always Being The Best You Can Be!

AQUA has many locations to serve you, give us a call today to set up an evaluation and begin your journey with us!