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The True Cost Of Your Child’s Puddle Jumper


Parents we have all been there. You get to your local pool with your kids rip open the package take 5 minutes to blow them up put them on your kids arms and WHA-LA your own personal baby sitter for the pool, known as floaties. 10 years ago this was typical to see kids in the pool with their bright orange or animal themed floaties. Floaties are not allowed in public pools or water parks anymore due to the dangers of kids not being able to roll over, and have been replaced by the puddle jumper  or life jackets as the new safety solution. These new flotation devices allow your children independence in the pool, but at what cost?

Slapping on a life jacket or puddle jumper in the pool will not help your children learn how to swim on their own and damages their self confidence making it harder for them to learn to swim with out a flotation device. Just like a common drug addict, children become dependent on their flotation device and become a puddle jumper junkie. Let me tell you the with drawl is terrible the day you try to take it off. Kicking and screaming is sure to take place. The solution is to have your kids in designated areas they are able to stand alone with your supervision. Examples would be the pool steps or shallow water pools that are made specifically for children up to 3 years of age. When you are in the pool with your children deeper water is a great way to rid your kids of fear since you are there to protect them. There is a time and place for life jackets and puddle jumpers, but the pool is not one of them.

Everyone should wear a life jacket or flotation device when in open water such as a lake or at the beach. The reason is due to not having an edge or stairs to climb out. If an emergency does take place the life preserver will keep you and your children a float and will make it easier for you to swim to safety, or float and stay put until help comes.

As a swim instructor the hardest habit to break is weaning children off of their puddle jumper, so parents please only use these in open water and not in pools. A common skill to teach young kids is crawling along the side of the pool and teaching them to climb out. Next time you are in the pool with your kids in deep water try this skill out, cheer your kids on an let them know you are there for them.

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