successful lessons


Background – Between seasons coaches get a time to reflect and think (scary right). During this time of reflection and thinking our coaching staff came up with the idea of developing some traits of successful swimmers and athletes.
Purpose– AQUA coaches feel that if swimmers find their own method of implementing the list below into their daily life not only we will be swimming faster, but we will also develop great life skills
Value – As an athlete, we hope all of our swimmers are looking to take ownership of their swimming. Following the list below is step one in our swimmers taking that first step in their swimming.
1.  Be On Time – Being on time means being early – if we are going to a meet,  then be on deck 15 minutes before warm ups.  When coming to practice: be there 15 minutes early to warm up and be loose.  Being on time will enable you to transition from everything that’s come before in your day, to prepare & focus on success in either practice or your meet events!
2.  Have Fun – All swimmers, coaches and parents are involved with AQUA to have a great experience – we are here to have fun!  Remember:  having fun can mean many things, show up with a smile on your face, have fun and meet the challenge in front of you!
3.  Have a Plan – Manage your time you have goals!  Be sure your swimming goals can be managed, by you, alongside all your other activities.  Plan your day & your week – include study time, family time, practice time & social time.  Execute your plan to achieve your desired level of success.
4.  Work Hard – Means many things, perhaps different for each of us.  First, we expect when you come to practice as an athlete you’re coming to train, learn, get out of breathe and get outside of your comfort zone.  However, we also ask you to maintain focus and self-discipline to achieve the long-term results we’ve committed to together.
5.  Leave Distractions Outside – Every day we are influenced by many outside factors. Sometimes we have good things that happen and practice and meets will be great because of these things.  Other days we will have things happen that will negatively affect our practice.  We need to leave those negative things off the pool deck and outside of practice.  Showing up at practice should give us the opportunity to push the restart button on the day.
6.  Be Respectful – All encompassing:
·       Respect your Teammates – Without them we have no team
·       Respect your Competition – They work hard too!  –  You have no control over what they do, and they’re bringing their best to challenge your best!
·       Respect your Parents – They bring you to practices; commit and sacrifice for you unconditionally!  Honor their love & investment in you everyday.
·       Respect your Coaches – Coaches will guide you towards swimming success. Coaches build the plan & will be your second biggest supporters.
·       Respect the Facilities.  We are guests at every pool – treat every venue better than you would your own house!
7.  Compete – We are competitive athletes & this is our element.  Compete every time with all you have (see “respect your competition”).  Not just during meets but practice too!  Practice gives you an opportunity to improve each and every day and we bring all our energy, focus & commitment from practice to each & every event.  Practice for keeps & you’ll succeed when it counts!