Consistency is a key staple of life. We are used to seeing the same teachers in school or having a tutor that helps us year after year. At AQUA Swim Schools, things are a little different, but in a great way.

AQUA is dedicated to giving you the BEST of swimming! At times, our instructors are taking different courses in college or have to have a change in their schedule. This may result in having a new instructor for the first time.

Why is this a great thing? Kids are very adaptive at a young age and thrive in an environment that can challenge them to learn! The introduction of a new instructor teaches resilience and to welcome change! A new coach can offer new opportunities for your child! We believe that plenty of life lessons can be taught when a new coach is introduced.

We know this can bring a level of uncertainty, but we work with each family to give the best of swimming!

Your child will learn lifelong lifesaving skills, have a lot of FUNNNN and see the AQUA Difference! We know you will see the difference with our caring staff!

If you are looking to register for swim lessons, contact us today!