Swimming is FUN!

Swim lessons are a great tool to take new swimmers to a higher level. Floats, kicks, dives, side breaths; they all add up and even become repetitive after a while. Fundamentals are crucial to success, but you can’t spell fundamentals without fun! We strive to teach our students in an effective, educational, and engaging way.

At least once every lesson, the instructors will have the class participate in a game or activity that not only challenges them but also introduces a new way to learn. It may be surprising, but diving down for toys helps the swimmer learn to swim underwater as well as glide. Young swimmers appreciate a game of “simon says” but don’t realize they are actually practicing their skills.

As the swimmers level up and get older, the games become a little more mundane and the instructor needs to get creative in their approach. Usually, competition amongst the class members is a great way to keep them motivated. Another way to add some fun to a higher level class would be reaction drills (for example playing “Go or Ghost” to test the reaction timing and attention level of the kids).

The best way to keep lessons motivated and excited to come back is to incorporate an enthusiastic environment. When the instructor is having fun, the students reflect on that attitude and enjoy the experience. We want to make sure that all swimmers have a positive experience and learn crucial skills.

Remember that regardless of skill level and experience, no one is ever completely safe in the water. Always swim with a friend or someone that you can trust to look out for you. Contact AQUA Club today!