Studies show that swimming is a health benefit at every age.

Written by: Jessie Drogemuller


Swimming is a comprehensive, full-body exercise. Every moment in the water requires multiple muscle groups and a focus on attention to detail. Not only does swimming exercise the body, but the mind gets a workout as well. It becomes increasingly important to challenge both the mind and the body with new workouts, and the pool is the perfect place to do that.

According to a study done by The Swimming and Health Commision, and reported by, swimming lowers the risk of early death by 28%. The risk of death by heart disease or stroke is also lowered by 41% with regular swimming activity. These statistics can be improved if more people would half an hour a day to get in the water, get moving, and take a break from the stress life brings.

Normal exercise has so many benefits from healthy weight to improved cognitive function. The focus on moving parts of the body both in opposite motions and to work together, makes an incredible difference in mental activity. Once one stroke is mastered, it becomes important to start learning new techniques and strokes to challenge both the muscles and the brain.

The most beneficial thing a person can do for the body is putting in the time to exercise and move around. Swimming is not only a cost-effective option, but it is proven to improve heart health, lower blood pressure, improve lung capacity, reduce joint pain, and increase bone strength. All of these benefits of swimming are great at any age for any person.