Welcome to AQUA! We are a professionally operated swim community devoted to equipping our members with the BEST of swimming! Our highly decorated staff has experience up to the Olympic level and we are devoted to maximizing your athletic potential and achieving your personal goals. Whether you are just a beginner in the pool or have expert ability as a swimmer, we have the right program for you

AQUA Teams

led by an Olympian

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The AQUA Coaching Staff is committed to providing the highest level of coaching for our swimmers. AQUA has four levels within its competitive team: Pre Team, Jr Team, Sr Team, and AQUA Elite.

Each level is designed to meet the social, mental, and physical needs of our swimmers. Each level has focuses and guidelines to prepare the swimmers for the next level which include the following components: Stroke Technique, Aerobic Development, Test Sets, Practice Recommendation or Requirement, Meet Attendance Recommendation or Requirement, Culture, and Coach’s Recommendation. The recommendation of the coach will come from AQUA’s Head Coach or Head Age Group Coach.

How Do We Evaluate Our Swimmers?

AQUA constantly evaluates its swimmers every day in practice. Practice consistency is highly recommended! Every season AQUA provides a written evaluation of each swimmer that will be made available for parents to know what the swimmers strength and opportunities for improvement are.

When We Will Inform You A Swimmer Is Ready?

AQUA’s Head Coach or Head Age Group Coach will reach out to you when we feel a swimmer is ready for their next level. Feel free to reach out to any of our coaches and ask if your swimmer is ready.

Will Mistakes Happen?

We do everything in our power to ensure our swimmers are appropriately placed in the correct training level. Sometimes swimmers are misplaced, if you feel your swimmer is not placed appropriately, please contact AQUA’s Head Coach or Head Age Group Coach.

AQUA’s swimmers are NOT compared to one another and AQUA recognizes that each swimmer develops at their own rate and speed. The development of the swimmer is a process, and the process is that. We cannot rush it, rather embrace it, and learn from it.

AQUA very much believes in the Triangle of the Parent, Swimmer and Coach. Parents love and support their kids no matter what and support the coaches, swimmers swim, and Coaches coach. This triangle can also be viewed as the village that will be needed to make our swimmers the best they can be. We provide an environment that fosters this development from the time swimmers are in Pre-Team to AQUA Elite.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. How many times have we heard this phrase before? Our coaching staff collectively has over 100 years of collective coaching experience from the swim schooler to the developmental swimmer to the Olympic Swimmer. If you have questions, please ask, we are happy to hear your questions and concerns. We will not always agree on a topic, but our coaching staff has the final decision regarding coaching matters. We place the highest trust in our coaches!

Parents put their trust in us to have the swimmers BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE. Let us use our passion, energy, and drive to get the best out of AQUA.

Pre Team – $99

3 Times Per Week – 1 Hour Practice

To Be Considered For Pre Team

  • 25 Yards of Freestyle
  • 25 Yards of Backstroke
  • 25 Yards of Breaststroke
  • 12.5 Yards of Butterfly

Level Goals & Focuses – AQUA’s Pre Team is designed to be the transition from swimming lessons to a competitive team. In this level, the emphasis is an introduction to a swim team, along with stroke development, starts, turns, and finishes.
Equipment Requirements – AQUA equipment bag, Jr. Kickboards, Long Fins.

Junior Team – $130

4 Times Per Week – 1 Hour Practices

To Be Considered For Jr Team

  • Coach’s Recommendation
  • Legal 4 strokes (Fly, Back, Breast, Free) & 100 IM
  • Technically sound with Starts & Turns
  • Interest in Year Round Swimming – All Swimmers in this level are USA Swimming Registered

Goals & Focuses – AQUA’s Jr Team is designed to develop younger swimmers in stroke development, aerobic development, and racing.
Equipment Requirements – AQUA equipment bag, Jr. Kickboard, Long Fins, Jr. Paddles, Jr. Buoy

Senior Team – $150

5-6 Times Per Week – 2-2.5 Hours Practices

To Be Considered For Sr Team

  • Coach’s Recommendation
  • 200 IM under 3:30
  • Attendance of 75% available meets within a season
  • Culture, Trust, and Attitude

Goals & Focuses – AQUA’s SR Team is designed to challenge its intermediate swimmers in Aerobic Development, Power Swimming, and Racing. Strokes, starts, turns, and finishes are fine-tuned at this level. Swimmers are also given mental toughness training.
Equipment Requirements – AQUA equipment bag, Kickboard, Short Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Tempo Trainer, Therapy Band (for shoulder exercise)


AQUA Elite – $150

6-8 Times Per Week – 2-2.5 Hours Practices

To Be Considered For AQUA Elite

  • Coach’s & Mentor’s Recommendation
  • Required attendance of 90% of all available practices; missed practices must be excused with Head Coach
  • Pursuit of State, Sectionals, & Futures Qualifying Times/AA-AAA Motivational Times
  • Culture, Attitude, Volunteer, Leadership 100% of the time, and going above and beyond
  • Meet Fees for non-championship meets are collected at the beginning of each season

Goals & Focuses – AQUA’s Elite Team is designed for the program’s most dedicated swimmers. Dedication is determined by the culmination of Performance, Commitment, Culture, and Attendance.
Equipment Requirements – AQUA equipment bag, Kickboard, Short Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Tempo Trainer, Therapy Band (for shoulder exercise), drag sox.


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