Welcome to AQUA! We are a professionally operated swim community devoted to equipping our members with the BEST of swimming! Our highly decorated staff has experience up to the Olympic level and we are devoted to maximizing your athletic potential and achieving your personal goals. Whether you are just a beginner in the pool or have expert ability as a swimmer, we have the right program for you

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Not ready to make an evaluation? Aqua provides free trials to help you and us determine what level your child is comfortable with!

A FREE trial lesson is an excellent way to evaluate your child’s swimming abilities to determine the appropriate level for enrollment. Each trial lesson is 15 minutes and is part of a group lessons with an instructor.

Please check in with the front desk when arriving for your FREE trial lesson. Arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time, as classes begin promptly.

To get your FREE trial or get enrolled in AQUA. Your first step is to create an account with us so we can schedule your swimmer. Please make an account on our Parent Portal

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