Some may think that swimming is an activity when the weather is on the warmer side and nice outside. At AQUA, we know this is not true. Swimming is a year-round activity that offers multiple benefits. Below are some benefits:

  • Keep the Energy Flowing – Kids have so much energy! The more active they are, they will be healthier and happier. Swimming is always available in an indoor pool!
  • Beat Seasonal Boredom – Season Affective Disorder is a real thing. The days become shorter and this can affect mood. Swimming can help kids stay active and engaged in a FUN activity.
  • Consistency – Consistency helps children and gives them structure! Your kids LOVE the water, learning new skills, getting a ribbon for moving up a level, or fun of being in the pool. Whatever the reason, they can enjoy the pool all year long.
  • Water Safety – Water safety is not something that is learned in a day, a week, or a month. This is a skill that is learned over a period of time as a child grows and develops. By working on these skills year-round, the knowledge has been instilled so it will be second nature!
  • Fun – Basketball, baseball, football, or cannonball. We know which one your child will pick. Swimming is a FUN activity and something your child enjoys. Staying in the pool, although at times might be a challenge is something we know your child(ren) LOVE!!!

Whether the weather is cooler or warm, swimming lessons are always a great idea at AQUA Club Swim School! You will see our exceptional service, attention to detail, and the compassion of our staff.  Our swimming lessons in Jacksonville, Florida are booking year round!  Give us a call today!