Welcome to AQUA! We are a professionally operated swim community devoted to equipping our members with the BEST of swimming! Our highly decorated staff has experience up to the Olympic level and we are devoted to maximizing your athletic potential and achieving your personal goals. Whether you are just a beginner in the pool or have expert ability as a swimmer, we have the right program for you

Private Swim Lessons

led by an Olympian

infant swim lessons aqua michigan

Private lessons are our most exclusive classes offered. You will be paired with highly accomplished instructors equipped with video analysis capabilities to ensure the most interactive learning experience available.

Each private lesson brings your swimmer face to face with a first-rate role model in the swimming community endowed with invaluable knowledge of the sport. Private lessons run 30-60 minutes in length to suit your budget and your individual needs.

For more info please contact our team manager at – info@aquaswimclub.com

Private (RATIO 1:1)

This is a one-on-one swim lesson with the instructor and your child. Good way to get individual work on swimming at all levels through competitive swimming. For all ages and abilities, by appointment only.

1 day per week

$185 per month

Semi-Private (RATIO 2:1)

This is a lesson with two children or your child and a friend or sibling. For all ages and abilities, by appointment only.

1 day per week

$122 per month