How long will it take my child to learn how to swim? – The Million dollar question that no one should be able to answer .

Here at our offices in Jacksonville, Florida we are often asked questions along the lines of, “how long should it take for my child to learn how to swim,” “when will my child be ready to swim on their own,” or “will one session be enough to learn to swim?” As much as we wish there is a blanket response to these types of questions, we don’t believe there is. At AQUA, we believe in honesty. The answer to the questions above, it depends! These questions are not easy to answer and are very subjective. We must remember that each child or swimmer will progress at his or her own pace. No one should promise a timeline; some skills will be learned quickly, and some skills will need time to develop.

What we can promise is this, we will give your child the individual attention he or she needs to master all of the skills in our program. This is accomplished by AQUA’s ratios starting at 1:3, which is the lowest ratio in the country. Swimming lessons can be started very early, at two months old! We serve all age and abilities. AQUA offers a progressive curriculum where skills are built on top of one another, we don’t believe in cramming in as much as we can inside a lesson. We offer eight levels that will engage your swimmer, develop safety in the water, and your swimmer will have fun in the process.!

The better question to ask, “How does my swimmer(s) improve while taking lessons?” Now, here is a question we can easily answer. The formula is actually very simple; practice, patience, and consistency. We believe that consistency is key. Our program has a saying, practice make better, practice does not make perfect; perfection is limitless. Even an Olympian has to train and work on the smallest of details every single day in order to keep on improving! Feedback from a coach or instructor will be crucial for a swimmer to take a weakness and turn it into an opportunity! See you in the pool!