Safety Week:  The Million Dollar Question- How Fast Will It Take for My Child to Learn How to Swim?

The question we have all asked or are still asking is: How fast will it take for my child to learn how to swim?  The answer, that no one wants to hear, is: It’s different for every child.

Every child is different. They learn at different paces than other kids. They may have a fear of the water that takes a while to get over, or they could be ready to swim competitively within a couple of months. They may be a 7-month old that does not want to get out of the pool or a 12-year old that can’t wait to get out of the pool. Here is some advice from AQUA to make the most out of swim lessons and to help your child become more comfortable in the water.

1.Start Lessons YOUNG

The younger your child starts out in the water, the faster they will become comfortable in the water. The faster they become comfortable in the water, the faster they will be able to swim as they get older. At AQUA, we offer swim lessons to children as young as 2 months old! Start lessons as soon as possible!!

2. Consistent Lessons

Consistency is KEY! A consistent swimming schedule allows for muscle memory to form and keep the progress going. Repeating the same movements over and over causes your body to remember them. This will eventually cause the movements like streamline or breathing to the side to feel natural.

Make sure to do year-round swimming so the long winter break will not restart all of your child’s progress!

3. Practice

Practice puts brains in your muscles.” -Sam Snead

Look for opportunities to get your child in the water as much as possible. Practicing will improve your child’s skills and keep their muscle memory fresh. You can practice in any pool or even a bathtub. Repetition is everything when it comes to swimming!

4. Positive Environment 

Encourage your little ones to keep practicing and working hard! In order for your child to improve, they must be confident in themselves. You must create a positive atmosphere that is encouraging and friendly. At AQUA, we have a progress based curriculum and a fun, engaging environment! Kids learn faster when they are having fun!

Enjoy the process of your child learning to swim! You will blink and next thing you know your child is a strong swimmer.

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