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At AQUA we believe in being different and want our members to be different by taking action and not putting off what can be accomplished today. Most activities can wait to be learned, but swimming CAN NOT. The longer people wait to sign themselves or their loved ones up to take swimming lessons the higher they are at risk for a drowning accident, especially if fear of the water is a concern.

At age 7 I was body boarding in the ocean with my dad, a large wave came and took me under. The undertow was strong and I was under the water for longer than I should have been. Having the background of swim lessons I was comfortable being underwater and used my skills to try and break the surface of the water for a breath. It was key my father was there and found me to pull me to the surface. With my experience I could have easily turned in to a drowning statistic that day. My situation shows drowning is preventable by being comfortable going under water and having the basic skills to fight the undertow until my dad was able to come and help me.

The first step in prevention is making sure when swimming there is someone there to watch, preferably a life guard, but a responsible adult will do. Extra pairs of eyes are needed around water to make sure participants are swimming safe, smart and ready to act at a moment’s notice. Next, Swimmers need to know their limits of what they can and cannot do, and this is where swim lessons are important. Swim lessons allow participants to get expert information and allow them to test their limits in a safe environment with instructors, at the ready to help. Finally, swimmers must feel confident and comfortable in and under the water. The more tense and fear a swimmer has in the water the more they will panic in a high stress situation which is detrimental, and is helped through continuously being introduced to the water.

Swim lessons are one way to help prevent drowning, but going to the pool on a regular basis with family or friends practicing your skills will benefit all swimmers greatly, not just for safety but for their health as well.